Welcome to Christian Book Reviews. I began this site in October 2005 for the purpose of review books of interest to thinking Christians. The angle was always upon supporting those who upheld the historic Christian faith.

By “the historic Christian faith”, I am referring to the belief and practice of the Church as it developed from the time of the Apostles to the Ecumenical Councils. The site is not aimed at any one particular ecclesial affiliation but all who see the faith and practice of the early undivided Church as providing an interpretive framework for understanding the Bible and defining the essentials of Orthodoxy. This would certainly include Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans, Lutherans, and Reformed to varying degrees. Even those identified as “free church” or Evangelical Christians cannot be ruled out (as the writings of Tom Odem and D. H. Williams can attest). In my reviews, I have attempted to allow those from these traditions to make their case and not insist they conform to my views. Of course, those eschewing any historic understanding of Christianity have not found a very sympathetic hearing on these pages.

In reading many of these books, my own thinking has itself evolved and, while still upholding the same general positions, some books have grown on me over the years and others seem not so insightful today as when I first read them. I had stopped submitting reviews for a period while I mulled over things and finally decided to remove the earlier reviews and redo them. Some will be largely untouched; others will be completely revamped. I have also chosen to be stricter in adhering to my initial choice of topics and so some may never be reposted. This is intended to not only better reflect my current position but also to keep the site focused on its initial purpose.


July 2014



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