Review Guidelines

Any process of critiquing the work of others will draw some ire ina an area as hotly debated as Christianity. For some explanation, I am providing some criteria I use in the reviews posted on this website. Before making nasty comments about how a particular review was grossly unfair, please consider the presupposed guidelines.

The first criteria is that of scope. The books reviewed are written for a lay audience at different levels. Some authors cross the boundaries between an academic and educated lay audience (i.e., N. T. Wright, Alister McGrath) but this website will shy away from strictly technical academic treatises. This is not to disparage their investigations but to limit the focus to books equipping the Christian in the pews at different levels. Related to this aim is that books will be judged for making an accurate and effective case for its target audience. Hence, books with identical ratings are not necessarily equally substantial as one may be aimed at someone beginning their study of the Christian faith and another for a more seasoned reader on the topic.

Besides taking the level of readership into consideration, we must, of course, consider the quality. Does the book make a strong case for its position? Are possible objections fairly considered? Does the author treat his opponents fairly? Of course, the answer to such questions come down to someone’s opinion – in this case mine. If you think differently, feel free to set up your own website.

The books will be rated as follows:

5stars – Excellent: The book contains few if any major flaws and is an important contribution to the discussion on related topics.

4stars – Very Good: Although containing some flaws in particular areas, the overall presentation is still very good and makes a solid contribution to the discussion on related topics .

3stars – Good: The book has more significant flaws but is still worth reading by those interested in the related topics.

2stars – Average: Although flaws in the book’s presentation are too significant to be recommended as a trustworthy discussion of the related topics, it still contains some points worth consideration.

1stars – Poor: The book is so severely flawed as to have little or no content worth considering.

0stars  – Worthless: This rating is reserved for those books that not only are of little merit regarding factual content on the topics discussed but is laden with unfair and even delusional attacks on opponents.

Thank you for visiting and I hope the reviews and other features will be of interest to you. If you find this site useful, please consider using the links provided to to purchase your books. A portion of the purchases made using these links will help support this website.


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