Book Review: From Cult to Mainstream

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One Nation Under Gods: A History of the Mormon Church – Richard Abanes
Four Walls Eight Windows (July 2003)
Topic: Mormonism
Summary: Critical history of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints (the Mormons) and their theology

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Another Try …

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This site was active years ago but I have done little with it in the last five years. I attempted to reactivate it a few times but other activities (including writing e-books and posting at my other blog) have kept me away from here except for a few half-hearted attempts at updating the site. Here I will make what hopefully will be a concerted effort to bring it up to date.

In this attempt, I am restricting my efforts to books that would be of assistance in Christian apologetics. This includes apolgetics books, books covering historical information that intersects with topics discussed in apologetics, and anti-Christian books to point out weaknesses in their presentations. The goal here is to direct those seeking to defend the faith to material that will help them in their efforts and prepare them for challenges that may be faced.

I will not give “star” ratings as I have done in the past because these have often been difficult to make consistent in any meaningful fashion. An apologetics book aimed at a lay audience cannot be fairly compared to one intended to directly confront anti-Christian claims at an academic level. Similarly, what may be the big challenge today might seem trivial a decade later (remember The Da Vinci Code?). The reviews should speak for themselves without needing gimmicks that can be misleading.

I am hoping to place a minimum of one review every two weeks and hopefully one every week. Some of these will be updated reviews of books I had reviewed in the past. With the passage of time, my opinion of some has changed and what may have seemed groundbreaking upon release may not be quite as convincing once the arguments were vetted.

At this point, I will be less concerned with books covering intra-Christian disagreements than those defending Christianity from atheist or other critics of orthodox Christian beliefs. While I may review such books on occasion, they will be a secondary topic at this juncture.


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